About me...
Hello! I'm Jonathan, concept artist and illustrator based in Montreal, Canada. I specialize in fantasy environments and characters. I work currently at Behaviour Interactive where I had the pleasure to work on amazing IPs with amazing teams (Middle- Earth Enterprises, Capital Games, Paradox Interative, and more)
When I'm outside of the studio, I work freelance as a fantasy Illustrator for games and novels. Clients I have worked with include: Intel, Quebecor Média, Les Éditeurs Réunis, Singing Frog Studio & more
When not working, I am quite passionated about games myself (especially fantasy themed)!  I love travelling, discovering new things, meeting new people; however, nothing beats a cozy evening with my spouse and our cat :) 

concept artist at BEHAVIOUR INTERACTIVE     jan 2022 – Present
                           - Stellaris Cosmic Storms DLC
                           - Lord of the ring: Heroes of Middle Earth
                           - Unannounced Title
Language fluency

english fluent written & Spoken
french fluent written & Spoken
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